Advertising Policy website provides our users with new marketing and data for online ads and social networking. and data sourced by our editorial team are impartial, relevant authoritative, and trustworthy content. is advertising supported
Advertising revenue helps us to invest in our personnel, services, and technology so that we can continue to build and offer content to our customers. Editorial policy and advertisement are explicitly and absolutely separated; advertising has no effect on our editorial policy, processes, or content. The editorial team rests with complete oversight of editorial strategy, practices, and content.

We built this advertisement policy so that what advertising we embrace, and what is advertising and what is not, is transparent to our users. SocialBoostVA ads contain, but are not limited to links, banners, pages, and hosted contents.

All advertising on the site is at’s discretion; has the right to reject, cancel, and remove advertising at any time. We do not accept advertising that is for, or contains the following:

  1. Material that promotes, facilitates or encourages Illegal activities, products, or services.
  2. Contains actionable content under UK or US law.
  3. Advertisements that contain fraudulent, false, or misleading claims.
  4. Material that promotes, facilitates or encourages hatred of any form (including, but not limited to, racism, terrorism, violence, and discrimination of any kind).
  5. Material that is in breach of any third party intellectual property rights.
  6. Alcohol.
  7. Tobacco.
  8. Firearms, weapons, and ammunition.
  9. Gambling.
  10. Pornography or related material, products, or services.
  11. Acceptance of advertising does not constitute an endorsement of products, services, or companies.
  12. It is the advertiser’s responsibility to ensure that advertising complies with all applicable domestic and foreign laws and the rules and regulations of regulatory bodies.
  13. All advertising on SocialBoostVA is clearly marked either “advertisement” or “sponsored content.”
  14. For information on cookies and personal data, see our privacy policy.

If you have any queries about this page, please contact us.

Type of Sponsorship / Advertising


You can sponsor a TextLinkAds, it is instrumental in your off-site SEO efforts and can make it much easier for you or your employees to build links.


You can sponsor a HostedAddContent. The billboards either use the same template as the goal website, or they may have their own custom design. Billboards are somewhat similar to magazine ads. The material published by advertisers or published for them to post.


Sponsors of LinkBannerAds may use static, animated, and flash banners to get their messages across. Advertising banners are among the oldest and most popular online marketing methods. Banner ads not only help drive targeted traffic to a website, but they also help to promote and raise awareness about the brand.

The billboard pages are connected to an option made by the advertiser from either the homepage or a subpage. Sometimes, these pages rate well on their own.


The sponsor may provide the blogger’s content to use, or a blogger may review a product, service, or website and write its review in their own words. It provides an overview to give the blogger some instructions to follow.


Instead of writing the text, using already existing content and simply hyperlink the keywords. InTextLinks allows Sponsors to rent specific keywords that are already in a website’s content and have that keyword hyperlinked back to their website to utilize the full power of link building and drive more traffic. Instead of the sidebar or footer, the link is embedded within existing content.