How to Study the Use of Essential Oils?

There are dozens of types of plant materials used to make essential oils. It’s hard for someone new to the subject to memorize the bare facts about one or two uses of them. Those who want to truly know the subject must devote some time to study it.

One way to learn is simply to read. Read everything you can get your hands on.

Read books on the subject and read internet website information. You will often find books that give recipes of mixtures and uses of different essential oils. These books don’t tell the whole story. You need to know the botanical details if you want to study the subject seriously. You also need to know when essential oils should not be used. You need to know all about working safely with the different essential oils.

No book can give you the information that contact with experts and other people interested in the subject can bring.

You can talk to people you know, such as a person who sells aromatherapy supplies or a friend who also studies essential oils. Or, you can email people you meet online who share your hobby.

Many areas offer local classes in aromatherapy that covers essential oils.

If you want to try one of these courses, find out what credentials the teacher has. See if there will be any information given on safety, or if it will be just a group of random essential oils recipes.

Sometimes seminars are given on the use of essential oils.

Sometimes a very knowledgeable instructor is brought in for such seminars. Other times it is only someone who wants to incite interest so that they can sell more supplies. If you’re careful about which ones you attend, these classes can teach you a lot.

Several post-secondary institutions offer aromatherapy classes that cover all the important aspects of using essential oils.

Besides the basic use, they cover safety, the chemical makeup of essential oils, and other related subjects. If you live too far away to attend such an institution’s classes on using essential oils, you may be able to get the same types of classes through distance learning. This often involves using manuals on essential oils or using different kinds of reading materials.

You will be required to turn in assignments to determine the strength of your knowledge about essential oils.

You will be given feedback on the information you still need to master. At the end of the course, you usually go to the institution for an on-site closed-book examination. If you pass, you will be given some sort of certification.

Although there is no nationally recognized certification for aromatherapy, or for those who work with essential oils, there are some states that have certification for their schools.

What you should find out is whether the state requires such certification for its schools and if it does, whether the one you are considering has it. If it doesn’t have certification when required, it probably isn’t a good sign.

There are several ways to become more informed about the use of essential oils.

However, if you truly wish to study the subject, you will need to dig a little deeper. Local classes, seminars, and institutions of higher learning can help you discover all you need to know about essential oils.

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