Selecting the Right Dental Insurance Plan

Selecting the right dental plan involves a lot of factors which have to be considered with due care.

Dental insurance plans are basically agreements between the employer and the insurance company. Most plans offered by dental insurance companies allow for part reimbursement of dental treatment expenses.

Many plans also discourage certain kind of treatments or allow access to certain of dentists. To consider these points one has to go through the plan very carefully with a toothcomb.

For example, choosing a dentist is not the same as choosing a dentist from “the list”, or if the plan does not cover one kind of treatment, it is wrong to infer that your regular dentist is incompetent.

Many plans do not cover pre-existing conditions. Some may not cover implants and so on. Due to these preconditions, the final treatment may be paid for in part only, or in insurance parlance, you might be reimbursed for LEAT (Lease Expensive Alternative Treatment).

Dental insurance plans vary in fixing the UCR (usual, customary, and reasonable) in a certain geographical area. UCR may vary from plan to plan and company to company despite operating in the same area.

Therefore fixation of this UCR level would define the liability of the patient. In some plans, the patient may have to pay more and in some, he may have to pay less depends upon the plan the employer has offered…

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