Allergy Symptoms

Allergic is present when your body reacts on substances to which it was exposed before. For example, if you have eaten food that contain shellfish first time in your life and when you eat it next time, if you are allergic on the shellfish, you will get symptoms of the allergy, such as rashes or similar.

Allergy may occur at your body for things which may be not problematic for most people. These things are known as allergens and as reaction to them your body sends symptoms and signals that your immune system is in dangerous.

Most Common Allergy Symptoms

There are more symptoms that are noted in the moment when your body overreact on the allergens. Some of them are: itchy eye, roof of the mouth and nose, watery eyes, runny and stuffy nose, dark circles under the eyes, sneezing, hives, and face’s pressure, especially in area of the cheeks and nose and others.

Causes of Allergy Symptoms

There are no exactly reasons why allergies are developing at some people. According to the some studies, the allergies are most caused with the genetic code or hereditary. But, also there are and other side, that says that allergies are something which is developing during the time and also disappear during the time. The fact is that there are several factors which are influence on triggering of the body to respond on allergy symptoms.

There are more allergens that triggering body to react, but the most common allergens are pollen from trees, grass and weeds. These symptoms are mostly comes into the early spring, but also they may come in the late summer too.

Direct contact with the most caused symptoms, such as pollen, or molds first symptoms of the allergy come through the skin. Some places of the home are exposed to the water, such as your kitchen or bathroom. In these places water is collecting during the time, which is cause of molds. But, also mold could be found in the hay, rotting logs, compost piles, or similar. Still, symptoms of the allergies become worse if they are in combination with the humid or rainy weather.

There are also and other allergen, but one of the most causes at the patients with the pats, of the allergy is animal dander. Furry pets, such as dogs and cats contain proteins which are found in the saliva, skins and urine of them. You may influence on developing of these symptoms if you are touching animals or if you are in contact with dust from your house which is full of animal dander.

Connected with the previous allergen, there are also and allergen which are present all over your house and it is dust and dust mites. These little microorganisms are living in mattresses, bedding, pillows and furniture in your house.

Ways for Controlling Allergy Symptoms

It is the fact that you can not live in the vacuum, so that’s why it is very difficult to avoid allergens that influence on reaction of your body. Still, keeping clean house is the number one if you are allergic on the symptoms from house. Showering, cleaning mold and avoiding runny days is something that you may practice to protect yourself.

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