Highly Nutritious Fish, Meat, and Eggs

Lots of nutritious choices are available when it comes to fish, meat, and eggs. For instance:

Highly Nutritious Fish, Meat, and Eggs

Oily Fish

Many oily fish species include salmon, trout, mackerel, herring, sardines, and anchovies. Such fish styles bear oil in their tissues and in their gut.

Their lean filets are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. According to the Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS), these oils can bring benefits for the heart and nervous system.

The ODS also indicates that fatty acids with omega-3 can help with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. These are rich in vitamins A and D, as well.

One research in 2014 indicated fatty acids could substantially reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis.


Chicken is a nutritious and cost-effective meal. Free-range chicken acts as an ideal protein source.

It is therefore important to note that methods of preparation and cooking influence how nutritious chicken is. This means people should limit their deep-fried chicken intake and always remove the skin before consumption. The chicken skin has a high saturated fat content.


Eggs are another source of protein that people can quickly integrate because they are highly flexible in a healthy diet.

Eggs contain vitamins including B-2 and B-12 which are both essential for energy preservation and red blood cell growth. Eggs are also a good source of essential amino acid leucine, which has a role to play in promoting the synthesis of muscle proteins. Eggs also provide a reasonable amount of choline for cell membranes, which is essential to them.

The yolk contains much of the vitamins and minerals of the egg, and also the fat and cholesterol. One 2017 study, however, found consuming up to seven eggs a week does not raise the risk of heart disease. Having said that, the authors note that people with cardiovascular disease or diabetes should seek medical advice on including eggs in their diets.

In fact, one study found higher cardiovascular disease levels in those who ingested more cholesterol from eggs.

Consumption of fat in moderate amounts is a healthy part of a balanced, nutritious diet.


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