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Finding the Natural Cure For The Common Foot Fungal Infection

You do not need to be an athlete to get athlete’s foot. Also known as Tinea Pedis, athlete’s foot is a fungus infection caused by a type of fungus known as dermatophytes. They breed and multiply in warm and damp places of which the feet can provide as an ideal environment. Dermatophytes also live off your dead skin cells which really make your feet the best area for them to thrive.

An athlete’s foot infection is characterized by dry and scaly skin on the sides of the foot and can become itchy. Cuts and blisters may also develop which break the skin and leaves small raw skin areas exposed that can become painful. Such conditions usually occur right between the toes and can really become a very nagging problem.

Treating athlete’s foot may require using topical or oral preparations to keep the fungus infection in check. There are also natural cures that you can make use to get rid of athlete’s foot. One is by making use of a number of herbal therapies which has proven effective in treating athlete’s foot.

One such method is the Ayurvedic therapy. Such a therapy aims to eliminate toxins in the body and increase immunity as well as soothe the senses by using a variety of herbal preparations. Although Ayurvedic therapy may employ spiritual methods as part of the treatment, nevertheless it has proven itself to help get rid of athlete’s foot among other diseases believed to be caused by the disharmony and imbalance of different forces inside the body.

The ayurvedic remedy aims to lessen the tendency of your feet to perspire. Your perspiration can provide the dampness where the fungus may thrive on your foot. A way to make your feet perspire less can help reduce your chance of infection. The ayurvedic remedy does this by initially cleaning your foot area with about four to ten drops of tea tree oil.

A mixture of aloe vera gel with tumeric is also applied to the feet every morning and evening. This is done for two weeks after which, with some evident signs of improvement, the therapy is continued for another week.

There are also other natural remedies available to get rid of athlete’s foot. Some ingredients easily found in the kitchen can help in trying to stop the fungus infection from getting worse. Garlic for one is seen as a good fungicide that can kill of the fungus causing the infection. Applying crushed garlic on your feet regularly may be able to help cure you of an athlete’s foot.

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