What Are The Dangers of Chitosan?

People from all walks of life are well aware of Chitosan and its medicinal products. chitosan based products are now highly promoted at different levels from tele to the internet. However, people do not have much information about the dangers of chitosan. All forums promote chitosan by highlighting its excellent results but no one bothers to tell about its shortcomings. Numerous medical studies have been held till now and most of these conclude that this polymer has more shortcomings than benefits.

It is promoted by manufacturers that chitosan has a noteworthy capability of offering best results in weight reduction.

Though it is highly claimed by producers of chitosan that it is the best fat burner and fat magnet yet no research has supported this claim. Individuals consuming chitosan in huge quantities are doing so with no scientific verification that it actually works with high-quality results.

Critics are continuously trying to keep people away of using high amount of chitosan based medicines.

They do not bother any of the claims brought to light by manufacturers of these medicines. The reason behind this approach of critics is the non-availability of medical evidence supporting that there are no dangers of chitosan. This is why most critics and biomedical experts strongly oppose the use of medicines composed of chitosan. It seems good to use medicines for controlling your weight and cholesterol level. However, almost all fat burning and weight controlling medicines contain chitosan as an essential element. Chitosan is injurious to your health in the way that it will not only burn fat but also some other imperative ingredients of your body.

Elimination of essential elements of human body is one of the basic dangers of chitosan usually faced by its users.

Chitosan fibers have the ability to capture fat present in the intestine and remove them from the body before their metabolism takes place. Generally, critics are against the use of chitosan and warn people to avoid its extra intake. This is because chitosan is derived from chitin polymer found in crustaceans’ outer shells.

The variation in composition of this compound depends on sea water and animal from which it can be extracted.

Another sort of danger of chitosan is the absorption of different and hazardous impurities by crustaceans from the surrounding water. Chitosan used in medicines not only hold and remove harmful fat elements from the human body but may also eliminate many other healthy ingredients. Moreover, Experts and critics also stressed over the less or no use of these medicines as there is an immense possibility of adverse dangers of chitosan because of containing impure chitin.

The abundant use of chitosan has also made diet experts worried about its harmful effects on human body.

The potential dangers of chitosan are usually faced by people who do not like seafood or sensitive to crustaceans. Therefore, critics as well as makers of medicines containing Chitosan warn seafood allergic people to avoid their use. So, always keep in mind all the possible dangers of chitosan before using its products.

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