Medical Studies on Chitosan

Chitosan is a chemically processed variety of fiber. The Medical Studies on Chitosan revealed that bones and hard shells of aquatic arthropods are the basic ingredients of Chitosan. These aquatic arthropods having hard shells include shrimps, barnacles and crabs etc. Human body is not fully capable of digesting this chemically manufactured fiber. It has been noted in the Medical Studies on Chitosan that it has a tendency of bonding with ingested fat while passing through the digestion tract. In this way, Chitosan aids in carrying out body fats in stool. This is the reason that people go for Chitosan to reduce their weight along with lowering of cholesterol level. However, it is concluded from all of the medical studies on Chitosan that it has more shortcomings than benefits.

Numerous medical studies on Chitosan were conducted in order to observe whether Chitosan is really capable of improving human cholesterol profile or not.

Chitosan compound has a moderate ability to develop better cholesterol profiles according to the double-blind type of medical studies on Chitosan. Medical trial controlled by placebo was conducted on 51 women for a time period of eight weeks. This double-blind trial showed that 1,200 mg of Chitosan if taken two times a day has a capacity of slightly reducing the bad cholesterol. In contrast, the Chitosan compound shows no effect on good cholesterol levels in the human body.

Another medical trial of eight weeks on 84 people showed moderate benefits of Chitosan.

Placebo-controlled medical studies on Chitosan on 88 people have given the most favorable results about the utilization of Chitosan. This double-blind medical research showed that there was no significant increase in cholesterol levels of people taking 1,000 mg of Chitosan 3 times in a day. These significant medical studies on Chitosan show that this chemically made substance is not fully capable of improving the cholesterol profile. These differing results suggest that products based on Chitosan have the capability of bringing slight improvement in cholesterol profile.

Chitosan is considered as a good supplement used for weight loss. Chitosan is considered as “fat magnet” kind of a substance as it can bind itself with body fats in the digestive tract. Chitosan-based products have been failed in numerous medical trials and researches despite claiming the reduction in weight. However, most of the best designed medical studies on Chitosan have failed to find out its advantages regardless of the positive results obtained in the preliminary analysis.

This important medical study had time span of six months and involves 250 overweight people.

Again, it was a double-blind medical trial in which individuals were given 3 grams dose of Chitosan per day. This study shows that Chitosan products have an insufficient tendency of improving human weight loss to a significant extent. In a nutshell, all medical studies on Chitosan suggest that this substance does not have much potential of helping people in weight loss and improving cholesterol profile.

Chitosan manufacturers claim their products as significantly effective in reducing weight and controlling cholesterol. However, almost all the renowned medical studies contradict this claim.