Your way to Recovery from Cosmetic Surgery in San Diego

Patients who have undergone cosmetic surgery in San Diego and in every other state will tell you that the most difficult time in the procedure is the recovery period. It is like recuperating from any other sickness. The only difference is that you will feel good afterwards when you see that the surgery is successful.

After every procedure, the patient is put into a separate room to recover. If you are one of those who have been heavily sedated, you probably would not have any idea where you are or what is going on. It would take a few hours after the operation for you to go back to your senses.

But for those who do not require higher anesthesia, then it will not be long before you are conscious of everything around you. Persons under this stage will normally feel the after effects of the treatment once the anesthesia wears off. They are even alert enough to ask questions or inquire about their condition.

There are basically 2 stages of recovering from cosmetic surgery.

1. Recovery in the 1st stage.

The most common side effects that you will feel in the first stages of recovery are pain, thirst and sleepiness. These are normal. For some, they will even start to shiver. The reason may be because of the cold temperature that was needed in the room where the procedure was done. Another reason is that it is the normal reaction of the body to anesthesia.

You will also feel that your mouth seems very dry and your throat sore. For the pain, you are given medicine through injection in certain parts of the body like the thigh or arms. Another method of doing it is through IV.

In addition, your attendant will give you a blanket or sheet to stop your shiver. You are not yet allowed to take in any forms of liquid. You are only given ice or ice cubes if ever you feel thirsty.

2. Recovery in the 2nd stage.

This is the stage where you will be totally conscious because the anesthesia has worn off by now. Unlike the first stage, you will get to enjoy some of the liberties upon coming to this point after your operation.

You are now permitted to drink water, juices or any other types of liquid. And of course, you can now talk to the persons that are waiting to see what you look like. Usually, relatives and friends can visit you in your room. You may begin socializing with them on a minimal basis since you are not yet fully recovered.

As you slowly start getting your energy back, you will be aided by a nurse or an attendant in sitting up and drinking the required fluids. You can even start dressing up, with the help of your nurses, of course.

One way of making sure that you can leave the hospital and go home is when you are able to urinate. This is because the doctors had put urinary catheter in you during the operation. Whey they see that you can urinate on your own and without pain, then it is time for you to leave and go back to your normal life.

It is critical that you follow the instructions that were given by your doctor after you leave the hospital. It will ensure that no problems or complications will be encountered. This is how it is done in cosmetic surgery not only in San Diego but also in any other part of the country and the world.

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The information provided in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or wellness program.

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