Viagra can help you to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

When most people think of medication for erectile dysfunction, Viagra is what comes to mind. It has been the top selling product for this problem since it was introduced in 1998. It is believed to be effective for at least 80% of men that take it. This particular medication is heavily advertised on TV and in magazines. Quite a few doctors also encourage their patients to take it.

It used to be taboo to talk about erectile dysfunction or the use of it.

Now you will find many men are willing to provide their own testimonials in order to endorse such a product. There are many of these types of statements found all over the internet. Men want to help others that are in the same situation that they once were. Promoting Viagra is one way they are able to do so.

There are many different dosage offers of Viagra.

Your doctor will start you out with the lowest possible dose which is 20 mg. This way you can see how your body responds to it. The dose can be increased until you are getting the desired results from it. The highest dose is 100 mg and if that doesn’t help you with the erectile dysfunction Viagra may not be a good choice of medications for you to use.

Viagra is very effective and most men will find they can get a full erection within 30 minutes of taking it.

This is a type of medication for erectile dysfunction that you only take when you are ready for sexual activity to take place. Since there is no cure for erectile dysfunction if there isn’t a medical link, using Viagra can be the next best thing. It can help a man to have a very satisfying sex life once again.

One of the downsides with Viagra though are the health concerns.

Not everyone is a good candidate to take it. If you have heart disease, high or low blood pressure, or diabetes it isn’t the right type of treatment for you. There are also some harsh side effects that some men experience. They should go away in a couple of weeks but if they don’t you may need to try another medication.

Never take Viagra for erectile dysfunction without the consent of your doctor.

Don’t be tempted to buy it on the black market or to take pills prescribed for a friend. Talk openly and honestly with your doctor about your erectile dysfunction and they can help you to find the right treatment. Before your doctor will offer a prescription for Viagra though you will need to undergo a physical evaluation.

You will also be required to complete an assessment.

This will help your doctor to rule out physical and psychological issues that may be causing erectile dysfunction. They don’t want to prescribe Viagra for you when that isn’t really what is going to help you. Medical problems that don’t get recognized will only continue to get worse.

There are other types of medications out there for erectile dysfunction as well.

However, Viagra continues to be a name that men know and trust. This particular product helped to open up opportunities for those suffering from erectile dysfunction. It has also paved the way for other types of similar medications to follow. Billions of dollars worth of Viagra are sold annually even with these other products now on the market to compete with.

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