Watch Out for Signs of Infertility

The most definite and obvious sign of infertility is the weakness of a person or a couple to conceive a child within a period of a year of unprotected sexual intercourse.

Though that may be quite simple, the struggles that this sign entails create dramatic changes in a couple’s life.

In most cases, people have no knowledge that they are actually patients of infertility. The main reason- the lack of immediate symptoms.

Infertility by nature is a condition that does not deal with the physical-external make-up of the person affected by it.

There are no external measures and symptoms that we may conduct and observe when examining if a person is infertile. In fact, before any diagnosis is made pertaining to infertility one has to undergo a series of extensive examinations, physical tests, and other techniques which themselves are very taxing.

In case that the couple was able to conceive yet have undergone multiple miscarriages, they probably may fall under the category of infertility. However, it would still be safe if they consult a physician first for further analysis of their case.

If you are experiencing the absence of menstrual bleeding yet the results of pregnancy test tells you that you are not pregnant, then you might be a patient of infertility.

If this condition prevails for some months it is likely that something in your reproductive system is impaired.

Once you experience pain somewhere in your pelvic area, it would be best that you disclose this with a physician.

Abnormal pain may be caused by conditions like endometriosis and internal infections.

Watch out for basal temperatures.

These are good indications that your system may be having some trouble. Abnormal rise or fall of basal body temperature is linked with hormonal imbalances that concern mostly the hormones needed for ovulation.

Say if your basal body temperature is low while undergoing the first part of your cycle that may indicate too high estrogen release in your body.

Meanwhile, high basal body temperature at this stage could possibly indicate low progesterone.

Anovulation may be indicated through the absence of upward shifting of the basal body temperature.

On the other end of the scale, male infertility seems to posses no clear signs except the obvious- erectile dysfunction.

This condition is characterized by the inability to create an erection, which may be contributed largely by the abnormalities in the blood vessels, specifically those found in the penis. Diseases and conditions like stroke, abuse of alcohol, and major problems in the circulatory system may also cause Erectile Dysfunction.

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