The Pains of Infertility

A medical problem that has plagued couples from a generation to the succeeding ones. There is too less mystery involved in infertility. Nevertheless, there are still areas that need polishing such as with the case of unexplained infertility.

Infertility is normally diagnosed if a couple is not able to produce a single pregnancy in a span of a year given that they commit sexual intercourse that is unprotected.

It may either be that the male participant is infertile or the female. Condition may be permanent and irreversible. However, there are cases when infertility is remedied by means of surgical intervention, medication and natural methods that promote fertility.

If you are wondering why infertility seems to cling into many couples, then let us understand that infertility is a three-part problem. One part being equal to the other two. All shared by the three factors namely, problems with the male participant, the female participant and the third portion is either distribute between the two former factors or unexplained, even by the vast knowledge science holds.

While infertility is mainly focused on medical issues, it is psychologically devastating as well.

It forms a struggle between the willingness of the couple to undergo certain procedures to be able to promote fertility. It also creates stress on the relationship. Thus, it may eventually dissolve a good relationship.

These issues aside, we can presume that it is also physically distressing.

It is taxing to endure examinations and physical tests on a yearly, monthly, and even daily basis. Daily injections may even be required. Medications may cause both subtle and obvious side effects that may alter the normal life of the couple enduring them. Surgery, on the other hand, is often required and sometimes infertile couples have to undergo several procedures without the absolute assurance that those will work.

As these processes continue, the couple’s privacy will become very limited to them alone, sometimes even personal privacy is invaded.

They have to learn to discard their own emotions for the sake of producing a pregnancy. They have to forget their own feelings of shame and fatigue as they lie on the examining table, have some fluid, and give sperms or egg cells for the 8th, 10, 15th and so time.

A vacation would do, yes, even for a month.

Just to let the couples rest. However, with every day that passes and every procedure failed, the chance of conceiving a child is getting less and less feasible.

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