Factors to consider while reviewing a DHMO plan

What is the percentage of the premium used for administration?

Does the employer have access to enough information for him to determine the level and amount of treatment rendered to each of the employees?

What is the utilization percentage for patients in this plan?

The average waiting period for an initial appointment and the average period between appointments has to be given due consideration.

What is the dentist/patient ratio for the DHMO plan?

What is the criterion of dentist selection in the program?

What is the geographic distribution of dentists?

What percentage of dentists is selected for from those who applied to participate?

How many dentists withdrew from the program in the recent past?

What is the rate of compensation for the dentists?

Is it sufficient compensation for the needs of the covered patient population?

What are the provisions made for dentists in the event of unforeseen utilization?

What are the benefits for patients needing a specialist’s care?

How are specialists selected and compensated?

Does the plan have adequate specialists?

Does the program provide for any emergency treatment?

If so, is it available outside the geographical area?

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