Back Pain Exercises for People Who Can’t Stretch Themselves Enough

To rehabilitate the spine, necessary and proper back pain exercises are needed. Exercises don’t only promote wellness of the bones and muscles but may also act as preventive measures for recurring attacks and may also lessen the severity of pain of possible future episodes of back pain.

Active back pain exercise that is controlled and systematically done are natural pain healers. Active movements help distribute the essential nutrients throughout the ligaments, discs and muscles that raise health of each component for optimum performance. And so is the opposite truth, the absence of exercises and productive activities help lessen the vigor of each component which makes them prone to injuries, impairments and degeneration.

Universally, the back pain exercises must be a well-balanced combination of the following:

· Stretching exercises like hamstring stretching
· Strengthening exercises like the dynamic lumbar stabilization exercise
· Mckenzie exercise
· Low impact aerobics like walking, water therapy bicycling and swimming
· and other back exercise programs

It must be noted though that the intensity and rigidity of exercises and activities must be primarily based on the specific diagnosis. As with any other treatments, the effects will always be determined by several factors that are uncontrollable such as the threshold of the patient over pain, the level of pain that the patient experiences during attacks and the severity of the condition. It is wise to see a physical therapist with specialization on spine wellness. He can best device a back pain exercise plan that is customized for the specific conditions of the patient.

Stretching exercises work by stretching the soft tissues that are found at the ligaments, muscle, tendons located around the spine and at the back bone. The spinal column and all that encompasses it are specifically designed for mobility and stretching. However, due to some factors like injuries and degeneration of the discs, these body parts cannot be moved. Patients experiencing extreme pain may find it hard to mobilize these areas and may require them to perform exercises that may last for some weeks. Yet after faithful application of exercise routines, everything may go back to normal and little or less exercise may then be performed after the healing.

Hamstring stretching exercise on the other hand focuses on the hamstring muscles that are directly linked to the low back pain symptoms. Tightness of the hamstring muscles is known to be a proponent to pelvis stress and the muscles and bones located at the lower back bone. Working on these parts may lessen the degree of pain and the frequency of attacks.

These are only two of the most commonly used back pain exercises. Other exercises and routines are listed in the above section of this article.

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The information provided in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or wellness program.

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